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Indian Cove, Joshua Tree

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Sara Atop Rocks Rock Crack Bush Sara Pensive
Wall Tent Abstract Mark Steven, I
Rental Shoes Mark Steven, II Mark Steven, III
Scott Rocktop Silhouette Timothy In Tent Stuffed Honda Element
Doug The Builder Feather Cloud, I Picnic Table Hangout
Feather Cloud, II Feather Cloud, III Campfire, I
Campfire, II Start Of Scramble David And Sara Scrambling
Not Very Steep Yet Water Break Heading Up
Steeper Checking Our Bearings Scott And Steven Scout The Way
Excelsior Signs Of Water Diana Sara And Timothy
At The Top, I Hanging Rock, I At The Top, II
At The Top, III At The Top, IV Digicam David
At The Top, V Rock Garden Hanging Rock, II
Mark And Steven Head Down Red Barrel Sneakoscope Spring
Cholla Cliff Yucca Windblown Campsite
Sunshade Hangout Yucca Shadows Miles Blue Hands
Harnessing Up Steven Climbing Chuansheng Climbing
Chuansheng Tops Out Walden Climbing, I Walden Climbing, II
Gavin Climb Blur, I Gavin Climb Blur, II Sara Climbing
Sara Rappelling Anthony And Zack Campsite Cloudscape
Clifftop Cloudscape Breakfast Smores Eskimo Hat Scramble
Me Climbing Scott Shows Walden Some Moves Walden Climbing, III
Beth Takes Aim Steven And David High Above