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Riptide vs. Killer Frogs

Our fourth game; I missed the third, a 3-6 loss to the Blue Flames, due to a time conflict with my class's final exam. Our best pitcher, Allie, was out with a sore arm, and our second best, Julia, could only pitch three innings. Killer Frogs turned out to be very good at batting (particularly bunting), with a catcher who could stop even the wildest pitches, but the rest of their fielding was less well coordinated. Julia pitched her way out of a jam in the first inning giving up only one run, Shannon pitched a shutout second inning, and our hitters came on strong, giving us a big lead and an eventual 9-5 win (evidently, the run we scored in the bottom of the final inning didn't count, or it would have been 10-5).

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Allie Warming Up Margaret And Nicole Julia With Cell
Frog Bunting Two On Deck Allie Signaling Coach
Mattie Leads Off 2nd Julia Alicia Rounding 3rd
Shannon Pitching, I Shannon Pitching, II Zippy
Mattie Margaret On 3rd Under The Tag
Getting Positions Dugout Cheer, I Dugout Cheer, II
Alicia Batting Conference Cat Slides Home Jordan Shooting The Action
Jordan With Camera Postgame Meeting