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Riptide vs. Killer Frogs

A more even game than the Killer Frogs' record would suggest, ending 6-5 in Riptide's favor. Much of Riptide's score came from a wild play in the middle innings when the Killer Frogs tried to catch Zippy who had rounded first on the way to second with runners in scoring position. Killer Frogs also made a great play stopping a long fly by Kat, and ran the bases well, but never really got their hitting game going.

In order to win their division, Riptide needed to win this and the next game, but they also needed Blue Flames to lose. Blue Flames did not cooperate, winning their final game which was held at the same time on an adjacent field. So the division standings are set with Riptide placing second.

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Pregame Warmup, I Pregame Warmup, II Pregame Warmup, III
Meeting With Ump Pregame Cheer Third Base Coach, I
Third Base Coach, II Julia And Ump Allie Slides Into 3rd
Julia Congratulates Allie Zippy Reaches 3rd Zippy
Late Throw To 2nd Unsuccessful Steal Linnea
Postgame Cheer Handshake Line