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Riptide vs. Outkast

Finally another game after several rainouts. Our best pitcher, Allison, continued to be out with a sore arm, sore knee, concussion, and flu, so Julie (also ill but not quite so severely) and Shannon shared pitching duties. The girls built up a strong 12-4 lead, and survived a scare in the fifth inning when Shannon's pitching arm grew tired, before she rallied by throwing a grounder to first and then catching a fly for the final out. Score 12-9.

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Outkast in their Dugout Kayla Rounds 3rd Strike
Shannon On Deck Julia Reaches 3rd Shannon Slides Under Tag
Shannon And Julia Zippy Escapes The Pickle Zippy Blowing Bubbles
Shannon At Bat Mattie On 1st Julia Congratulates Shannon
Margaret Waiting To Go On Deck Sara Reaches 2nd
Should Have Slid Infielders Zippy Makes The Force
Sara Five Girl Pileup Zippy Practice Swing
Sara Checks Signals Alicia Pitching Conference