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Riptide vs. Steal Sisters

We were worried that we'd be rained out again, but the predicted storm fizzled out. This was the first game I'd seen at Lower Peters Canyon. It was a low scoring one, ending in a 3-3 tie, with several of the points on both sides scored on errors. Alison pitched the whole game for Riptide, while Breanna and Mae Mae shared pitching duties for the Steal Sisters. Steal Sisters' coaches, Denise and Teresa, were the ones from Sara's team the previous year, and many of their players were also familiar from previous teams Sara's been on.

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Tattoo Shannon Scores First Comforting Linnea
Allie Pitching Allie On Deck Sparky Batting
Megan Reaches For The Bunt Zippy Hitting Allie On The Mound
Out At First Rounding The Bases Backwards