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Riptide vs. Wolfpack, semifinal

With Allie only able to play one inning, Riptide was at a big disadvantage, and the heat in the visiting dugout didn't help. We finally got a rally going in the late innings, but it wasn't enough, and I didn't get many photos of it due to being distracted by Zippy's heatstroke. Final score 9-3. Wolfpack go on to the finals where the Blue Flames take them down 12-6.

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Steve With Camera Warmup, I Warmup, II
Warmup, III Warmup, IV Signed Sign
Dugout Heat Sara Plays 2nd Allie Pitching, I
Keep The Wolf Far Hence Allie Pitching, II Shannon At Bat
Kats Big Double Pitching Conference Sara At Bat
Allie Fouls One Away Zippy Overheated Maddie Cooling Off
Julia Scores Close Play At 1st Alicia
Jordan Balls For Asst Coaches Mike Shows Off His Ball