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The Robot Cometh

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Protest Wide Age Of The Robots, I Robots Rule
Rule The World Be The Revolution Hyde Watches You
All Hail The Robot Age Of The Robots, II High Yield
Robots Before Humans Robots Are Among You Interlude
Cogs In The Machine Television, I Television, II
Pinball Machine Clock, I Clock, II
Car Fan Office Romance
Importance Of Being Machine Robot Daughter Trees Into Toothpicks
Actress And Impresario Death And Freedom Paint Polluter
Robot Dance, I Robot Dance, II Robot Dance, III
Robot Dance, IV Robot Dance, V Robot Dance, VI
Robot Dance, VII Robot Dance, VIII Robot Dance, IX
Robot Dance, X Robot Dance, XI Twelve Angry Robots, I
Twelve Angry Robots, II Twelve Angry Robots, III Twelve Angry Robots, IV
Twelve Angry Robots, V Finis