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Sara's 12th birthday, and a visit from Charlie and family

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Sara Holding Charlie Charlie With Brio Chaz Pinball, I
Chaz Pinball, II Chaz Guitar, I Jam Session, I
Chaz Guitar, II Jam Session, II Candles, I
Candles, II Family Presents, I Family Presents, II
Cocoa Bubble Wrap Diana Sara Footsie, I Diana Sara Footsie, II
Diana Sara Footsie, III Menu Lexi
Handplay, I Handplay, II Handplay, III
Handplay, IV Merlin Rings, I Merlin Rings, II
Merlin Rings, III Cake Decorating, I Cake Decorating, II
Cake Decorating, III Cake Decorating, IV Cake Decorating, V
Candle Lighting, I Candle Lighting, II Candle Lighting, III
Candle Lighting, IV Blowing Out Candles Candle Blur
Presents, I Presents, II Presents, III
Presents, IV Presents, V Presents, VI
Presents, VII Presents, VIII Presents, IX