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Timothy's Harry Potter 7th Birthday Party

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Decorating The Cake Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans Balloons in Gryffindor Colors
Platform 9 3/4 and the Hogwarts Express Schoolwork Potions Ingredients
The Sorting Hat Searching for the Philosopher's Stone Han-lin adds flobberworms to his potion
Taavi and Aaron concoct potions Aaron with sleeping potion Conner adds hippogriff gizzards
Tayo and Eliya with red vine potion stirrers Chris with his potion Aaron finds the Philosopher's Stone
Fluffy Tag Timothy becomes Fluffy's next target Timothy gets away from Fluffy
Who's Hedwig Wizard Chess Pinball, I
Pinball, II Pinball, III Chris and Taavi make more potions
Wizard Hat Pinata Tayo swings at the pinata Taavi's turn at the pinata
Aaron aims for the pinata Galleons And Sickles Pinata Hat
Quidditch Cake, I Quidditch Cake, II Quidditch Cake, III
Presents, I Presents, II Presents, III
Presents, IV Pinball, IV