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Vista Verde 8th Grade Promotion Ceremony

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Talia Enters Damon And Stephen Enter Sara Enters
Principals Speech, I Principals Speech, II Stephen Valediction
Thomas Twin Historians Stephen Graduating Talia Graduating
Sara On Deck Sara Graduating, II Sara Graduating, I
Sara With Certificate Talia With Certificate Irvine Marriott Awards
Mark Marriott Talia Marriott, I Talia Marriott, II
Talia Marriott, III Talia Marriott, IV Talia Marriott, V
Stephen And Damon Marriott Sara Leidel Award, I Sara Leidel Award, II
Sara Leidel Award, III Sara Leidel Award, IV Gingerbread For Nine Year Vets
Sara And Mark Sara Mark And Zach Lee Sara And Talia, I
Lee Sara And Talia, II Zach Sara Talia And Lee