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Christmas Eve and Christmas in Palo Alto

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Charlie Under Tree Timothy Gaptoothed
Charlie Red Car, I Charlie Red Car, II Diana And Timothy
Rebecca And Kai, I Rebecca And Kai, II Rebecca And Kai, III
Daniel And Timothy Chaz Video Rebecca And Kai, IV
Charlie Opening Presents Rebecca And Kai, V Rebecca And Kai, VI
Erik And Daniel, I Erik And Daniel, II Charlie And Sara
Rebecca And Kai, VII Chaz And Timothy Timothy With Roboraptor, I
Timothy With Roboraptor, II Charlie Kai Walking
Guess Who Daniel Green Milk Gameboy, I
Timothy With Roboraptor, III Gameboy, II Phyllis
Gameboy, III Gameboy, IV Gameboy, V
Erik And Kai, I Gameboy, VI Erik And Kai, II
Julia Sara And Kai Phyllis And Kai
Diana And Richard Blue Driftglass Heart