Ten Plus Projects for ICS 131 --Winter 2000

1. Computer Health and Safety Video--A group of students did a H&S video as a project in 131 several years ago. A new version would be a project which could be helpful in making students aware of the issues. The written part of the project would be a script for the video.

2. Computer Health and Safety Web Site--A web site with information on H&S could reach many students. One of the issues would be keeping the web site current. But first the web site has to be created. What should the web site contain? How should it be organized? How should it be marketed? What should it point to? Potential advertisers? Potential supporters?

3. ICS Undergraduate Curriculum for the years 2001-2005.

The ICS curriculum is always changing. Courses are added. Requirements are changed. But a completely new curriculum is not proposed very often. The new millennium offers an opportunity to take a fresh new look at the UG curriculum for ICS majors. Recommendations should be based on you own experience, recommendations in the literature, curricula in other departments or schools.

4. Minors and General Education Curriculum for 2001-2005. While project 3 takes on the issue of a new curriculum for UG majors, this projects takes on the issue of ICS minors, joint majors, and general education options for UCI undergraduates. This may be a more difficult project than developing a new curriculum for majors.

5. Distance Learning in ICS--A Proposal. Computer assisted instruction was a campus goal 35 years ago, and some course material was developed and used. With the availability of inexpensive personal computers and the internet, CAI has become distance learning. Should ICS get into the distance learning business? What would 131 look like in a distance learning form? Who would develop the material? Why did the CAI effort at UCI fail to gain acceptance? Would it be different now?

6. A History of the Department of ICS--1967-1999. ICS is 32 years old. The department has grown from two faculty members to almost 40. Student enrollment has shown comparable growth. A record of the trials and tribulations of those 32 years would be interesting in its own right, and it might even help prevent a repetition of some of the errors which were made.


7. Steps toward improving ICS enrollment of women and ethnic minorities--A Proposal. ICS has a checkered history on the enrollment of women. Some of this history is shared by other CS departments. And ICS's ability to enroll minorities, except Asian minorities, is pretty sad. What can ICS do to help increase enrollment of women and minorities? The members of Women in Computer Science are discussing this topic. You may be able to work with them to develop a program.

8. Ethics and Etiquette of Electronic Mail--An update of the RAND document. While the RAND document is more than a decade old, it still contains some relevant information. An update of the RAND document would be helpful for ICS and UCI students.


9. An ICS course in ethics--A proposal. While the 131 curriculum has some material on ethics, the issues in computer science, e-commerce, and the computer industry probably deserve more attention. Most state bars require that prospective lawyers pass an ethics exam. Maybe prospective computer scientists should pass a comparable exam. What would an ethics course look like? What material is available?

10. An ICS course in history of computing--A proposal. ICS is losing a lot of memory as older faculty members leave or retire. More and more material on the history of computing is becoming available including a journal, the Annals of Computing. The course might be offered jointly with the History Department.

11. An ICS 131 anthology. C&C is getting a bit old. How about putting together an new reader with more up-to-date material? Hard copy? All on Web? Your task is to select readings and do introductory material.