ICS 131--Win 2000--Lecture Six--26 Jan 2000

Review of Lecture Five--Gender and Minorities

1. Some numbers

2. Why should computer science be concerned?

3. Life cycle--problems and remedies

4. Some added notes

a. Professor Bic's Summer Institute

b. WICS--women in computer science

c. Gender differences in communication


Overview of Lecture Six--Examples of

Impact on Organizations, Individuals, Industries

1. Travel Industry Ticket Sales

2. Automobile--Sales of New cars

3. Morton's Six Findings on

How Information Technologies

Can Transform Organizations



Travel Industry Ticket Sales

Who are players?


Travel Agents

Ticket Sellers/Information Providers

Service Providers



Old-- Call a service provider for information

Contact a travel agent for information


Purchase ticket from travel agent or

service provider

New-- Access an information provider,

e.g., Expedia, Travelocity

Access a service provider


Purchase ticket with incentives from

information provider or service provider

Purchase ticket from travel agent with

possible surcharge

Who gains and who loses?


Auto Sales Industry

Who are players?


Auto Dealers, Salesmen, Service, Management

Information Providers --> Car Sellers

Auto Manufacturers



Old-- Visit dealer or dealers

Kelley Blue Book, Consumer Reports

Make decision

Haggle--some don't like to do it

Drive off

New-- Information providers

Visit dealer(s)

Make decision


Drive off

Newer-Information providers as car sellers


Car is delivered to you

Who gains and who loses?




Big business

People don't like to deal with dealers

Law restricts who can sell new cars

Manufacturers want more control over sales

Mega dealers

Building cars to order



How Information Technologies Can Transform Organizations

1. IT is Enabling Fundamental Changes

in the Way Work is Done

Travel--Letting consumers do their own searching,

i.e., who does what

Auto--Making it easier to compare prices;

Offloading sales and closing activities


2. IT is Enabling the Integration of Business Functions

at All Levels within and between Organizations

Travel--consumer into electronic market

Auto--vertical integration

dealers want to sell on web

web info sources what to sell cares

  1. It is Causing Shifts in the Competitive Climate in

Many Industries

Travel--better info should provide more competition



4. It Presents New Strategic Opportunities for

Organizations That Reassess Their

Missions and Operations

Travel--agencies have to find a role

web guys and providers taking over traditional agency role

Auto--everybody trying to figure out

what their role will be

Big fights over turf

Role of cars made to order


5. Successful Application of IT Will Require Changes

in Management and Organizations Structure

we covered this before in Productivity discussion


6. A Major Challenge for Management in the 1990's

Will Be to Lead Their Organizations through the

Transformation Necessary to Prosper in the

Globally Competitive Environment

Tough environment in US

and IT expands the playing field



Quiz--scores, ID numbers


Web site, eee

Meet with TA next week--15 minutes

See JF for additional information on project topics