Lecture 9--ICS 131--Winter 2000--7 Feb 2000

Review of Lecture Eight

Computer Health and Safety

The ABC’s & DE’s of Computer Health and Safety







Two other topics on Health & Safety

•Children and Computer Health and Safety

•Legal situation


Computers and Education--

From Computer Assisted Instruction to Distance Learning

With Feldman's Comments on the UCI Experience

(Feldman's disclaimer)

A. Ralph Gerard's Dream for UCI

B. What really happened?

C. What's happening now in The World and UCI?

D. What would a distance learning

version of 131 look like?


A. Ralph Gerard's Dream for UCI

•Extensive use of computers including

•Widespread use of computers in instruction

•Two images: UC-IBM, the Disneyland campus

B. What really happened?

A brief (biased) historical account of

computers and education at UCI

1. Computer Assisted Instruction --not much

•Very modest hardware and software

•No real plan--hire people and hope

•Not much money--UC, Carnegie

•Faculty issues--reward system, hostility

2. What did happen?

•New goal--provide students

with computing for coursework

•Interactive computing

•Information and Computer Science

•Changes in computing environment--

departmental computing,

personal computers,

scientific computing

•Persistence of CAI

John S Brown--Sophie

Alfred Bork--Physics, Pre-calculus math

Thomas Standish--Mac based segments

C. What's happening now in The World and UCI?

1. Changes in technology and economics

•relatively cheap,

powerful computing

with graphics

•relatively cheap,

powerful communication

with good access to information

•lots of students

•need to keep up with technology


2. Distance learning

•industrial versions, e.g., Daimler-Chrysler

•state and regional consortia

•business school consortia

•University of California

•return to basics

3. Advantages of Distance Learning


•Best sources

•No travel

4. UCI


•Department of Education

•electronic education environment


D. What would a distance learning

version of 131 look like?

1. What do we have now?

•text--collection of readings

•lectures--traditional more or less




•final exam

2. What would we have in distance learning version?

•on-line reading material

•on-line access to current information,

e.g., productivity, distance learning

•lectures--on-line, video, CD

•e-mail interaction



Today's papers--Monday, 7 Feb 00

LA Times, health section

article on exercises for computer users


NY Times, business section

two articles on privacy


131 Logistics--7 Feb 00

•Wednesday lunch


•Attend sections

•Identify individual contributions

•Schedule presentations, equipment

•Mail on Health and Safety Web sites