Lecture Seventeen--ICS 131--Win 2000--6 Mar 00

Ethics II--"Ten" Commandments

From cases and experiences to "principles"

Do unto others ...

Love they neighbor

Remember Kling's advice to consider

both individuals and organizations

when discussing ethical issues


1. On-line ethics = Off-line ethics

Don't do anything on line

that you wouldn't do off line

In fact, better to be even

more careful on line

Remember the e-mail discussion

Computer ethics = Non-computer ethics


2. Be open, be honest, be candid

non-feasance v mal-feasance

so tell users

about bugs

bout incompatibilities

ADA compiler test

as an example of software certification

Medical mistakes, disclosure of

Computing mistakes, disclosure of

Liability issues

Insurance company's advice--

don't admit liability in an auto accident


3. Don't oversell

Herbert Simon and his 1950's predictions

about what AI will accomplish in the next decade

Performance claims

some standardized test sets


Warnings--AOL case, cell phone case


3.5 Don't assume too much (background of users)

JF should have told you

that Part A has summaries of

other chapters in the section

JF should have told you

about study groups


4. Respect intellectual property

In writing--

use citations to indicate source of ideas, quotes

In system development


Don't try to block use

of intellectual property


5. What should you assume about others? (ethics of others)

Should JF ask you to sign

statement on quizzes?

Should JF ask you to

sit apart?


6. Don't take advantage of people

Computer Health and Safety

Professor requiring own text


7. Live up to your promises

Value of contracts--some value

Better to be able to trust the other party

Xerox and the second Sigma 7

Or make it good

Correct errors

Intentional or not

Implicit promise


8. Don't disrupt

Don't deliberately harm others



Odds and end

131 in the news(see back of Quiz 6)

Double Click reversal

Distance learning

Checking out campus facilities

Final hints--Lectures and Part A's

Questions for Review Session

Send JF e-mail by next Monday