Lecture Eleven--ICS 131--Fall 00--31 October 2000

Review of Lecture Ten

  1. About half of U.S. adults are on-line
  2. Of the half not on-line, many don't want to be
  3. Impact of age, gender, race, ethnicity, income, rural-urban
  4. Why don't you want to be on-line?

Dangerous, expensive, confusing, not missing anything


Computers and Health Care

Not AI, Bio technology

As an Electronic Commerce application

More mundane applications of computers

Greatest Need

Maybe of all possible applications of IT


Life critical business

Errors can cause death or injury

Need for best care

Relieve pain

Financial issues

rising health care costs

Lack of equity in access

Medical record availability

Billing problems

Modest progress

E-mail--some M.D.'s

Lab reports--text only--no graphics at UCIMC

No Rx transmitted to pharmacy electronically--UCIMC

No remote access to lab reports for UCIMC

Appts on web at UCIMC???

Some M.D. information on UCIMC web site

Information on web on diseases and treatment

Why is the situation what it is?

Money is short

Not sure what to do

Other problems more important, e.g., UCIMC

Mergers, take overs

Don't cost patient time

Money for high-tech gadgets

Multiple files

Privacy concerns

.com problems

resistance to change

don't want to give up money generating care

hard to convert to preventative care

What can be done?

access to on-line info for doctors

drug interactions, side effects