Lecture Thirteen--ICS 131--Fall 00--7 Nov 00

Review of Lecture Twelve--Software safety

Two cases--Air Traffic Control, Therac-25

What can be done to avoid catastrophes?

1. Don't trust software
2. Do everything you can to make the software trustworthy

Requirements, design, coding, documentation,
software audit trails,
testing, formal analysis, training in use, etc
3. Investigate problems carefully
4. Role of government
5. Role of educational-training institutions

Lecture Thirteen--Telecommuting


Working at home today? 2 Nov 00, NY Times, Circuits
Telecommuters' Lament, 31 Oct 00, WSJ
full citations in lecture 12 notes

1. What is Telecommuting?



2. Why is interest in telecommuting declining?

a. Very popular just a few years ago

b. Advantages

Save commuting time
Save cost of office
Get away from office distractions

c. Problems

Lose control of employees
Not available for spur-of-the-moment stuff
Tele commuter doesn't have support available in office
Distractions at home


d. Relation to previous 131 topics

(1) Importance of community

(2) Differences between face-to-face interaction and
e-mail interaction

(3) Why is distance learning good and
telecommuting bad?

e. Live v. tape

Murray Feldman and his distance learning course
went out of his way to meet with students
in Moscow

ICS exams--doctoral exams, bring in an examiner
from a distant location

UC meetings--do they have to be face-to-face?

Live theatre v movies, television

3. Why is hotelling catching on?

California experiments--environmental impact, Northridge quake
Save commuting time
Save space, bring space to people
Get out of home environment, i.e., conventional telecommuting
Support in "hotel"
More control ??

4. Future???


5. Logistics

Reading for Thursday, 9 Nov 00

Wayne, Leslie. E-mail part of the effort to turn out the voters,
NY Times, 6 Nov 00, C6 (r)

O'Connor, Anne-Marie. The election's all about you , baby,
LA Time, 6 Nov 00, E1, E3 (o)

Find something in Lexis-Nexus


Optional: A.P. Clinic Gives Dot-coms the Lowdown on High Ground,
LA Times, 6 Nov 00, C9

Pamela Samuelson, clinic