Lecture 15--ICS 131--Fall 2000-13 Nov 00

Review of Lecture 14--Computers and Elections




Counting the vote

Election night--VNS

Impact of computers

Computer Health and Safety

•OSHA rules

•ABC's of

•Cornells' Ten points

•Odds and ends

OSHA Rules


•draft of 10 October 00 and later

•"The rules are designed to combat injuries

caused by workers doing the same task repeatedly,

sometimes know as repetitive-stress disorders, and

require business owners to take specific steps

to help workers with such injuries and

to prevent additional injuries from occurring."

WSJ, 8 Nov 00, B2

•"Businesses with a worker who experiences

a single injury covered by the rule

would be required to set up a comprehensive program

to address the problem in that job."WSJ, 8 Nov 00, B2


•assign someone to oversee the program

•training workers and supervisors to recognize

and deal with ergonomics-related injuries

•figuring out how to eliminate or

sharply reduce hazards

•provide injured workers with medical care and

time off at reduced pay

Example of hazardous task

"...using a computer keyboard and/or

a computer mouse "in a steady manner

for more than four hours total in a workday..."

Holmes, Steven A. Clinton seen issuing work rules

that stalled spending agreement, NY Times, 11 Nov 00, A1, A8

The ABC’s & DE’s of Computer Health and Safety









•Computers can be dangerous to your health

Eyes, wrists, arms, back, neck

Why? What causes problems?

(Pascarelli & Quilter, RSI)



Strained & Constrained Posture

Holding still

A deconditioned workforce

Forced speed

Incentive programs & overtime

Excessive monitoring

Not quite a complete list

•Most important thing to remember



•Best protection against dangers

•Moderate activity--15 minutes/2 hours

•Intensive activity-- 15 minutes/1 hour

•Get up, Non-computer work, Relax


•Ergonomic software



•Wrists--straight in both dimensions

•Wrist rests, braces

•Forearms--parallel to floor

•Thighs--parallel to floor

•Feet--flat on floor, footrest


•Adjust furniture, Exercises

•CTD--cumulative trauma disorders

•RSI--repetitive stress injuries

•Computer athlete

Seven P's (Pascarelli & Quilter, RSI)


•Pain Management


•Preventive exercises






(Deadly) Radiation

•Health effects of monitor radiation--debatable

•Probably not deadly, but some evidence of problems

•Monitor should meet MPRII guidelines

•2.5 feet from front of monitor

•4.0 feet from side and back of monitor

•Powerdown when not using monitor

•Pregnant women should take special precautions



•Eye examination by an eye care professional

•Refocus for 5-10 seconds every 10 minutes

•Copy stand


•Lighting, Glare

•Visual Ergonomics--Ankrum




•Chair, adjustable

•Table, desk--height

•Foot rest

•Copy holder, copy stand

•Foot rest

•Wrist rest

Ergonomic guidelines for arranging a Computer Workstation

--10 tips for users

1. How will computer be used?

one person, many people

few minutes a day, more than one hour/day

2. What kind of computer?

desktop or laptop

3. What furniture will you use?

4. What chair will be used?

5. What kind of work will the computer be used for?

6. What can you see?

7. Posture, posture, posture!

Keep it close!

A good workstation ergonomic arrangement

8. Where will computer be used?

Lighting, Ventilation Noise

9. Take a break

10. What about ergonomic gizmos?




Pascarelli & Quilter--

Repetitive Strain Injuries:

A Computer Users Guide


Sellers--25 Hints


Environmental Health & Safety

•Web pages

Page on ICS website:

Computer Health & Safety

pointer to exercises

Cornell site

Children and Computer Health and Safety

•Using adult furniture and equipment

•Who is watching out for them?

•Cornell web site

Legal situation


v Compaq--

we didn't know

we'll put on warning labels

v Apple

gave up on legal error

Apple brochure


convinced jury that keyboard

wasn't guilty


award of $6 million

overturned on appeal


San Francisco effort killed


weak rules

Federal OSHA

Ergonomics Program;

Proposed rule


What about UCI?

Some concern for faculty and staff

Students? not big users

Furniture advice, presentations, literature

Look around

Not really concerned


Money to help purchase ergonomically

correct furniture

Ergo council


UC experts

Nina Scolnik--UCI--piano

David Rempel--Richmond--


Sheedy--UCB, Dr Ergo




H&S tape to interactive learning center

Science Library