Lecture Seventeen--ICS 131--Fall 00--21 November 2000

Review of Lecture Sixteen

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Web publishing
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Lecture Seventeen--Eight people stories from the dot-com world

1. Really early midlife crisis

29 year old from CA goes to NY

to set up NY office for Fluid, Inc

Too much, overwhelming, no bonus

He quits and goes back to CA

"Bought into a dream, but the dream

didn't give them what they want"

Usually happens in 40-50 year olds

Young people get rich

dot-coms tank

people laid off, companies go bankrupt, nervous

Silicon Valley, no life

Too much responsibility too soon

Some turn to religion

Some go back to companies they left,

e.g., Anderson recruiting people who left


2. Six profiles

a. Seth, 29--PetStore.com, bust, big hi, big low

b. Cecelia, 32--E-commerce fashion consulting

too much, too busy, cut back, sister dies
c. Theo, 29--start up, too much, back to Bain
sleeping in a sleeping bag under your desk

three nights a week is really abnormal

d. Jason, 27--co-founder of .com, sold, back to school
old goal: retire by 30 w/10-20 million
e. Jeanne, 36--from PR firm to web broadcasting co
for same salary plus equity. Co. folds
f. Justin 25--tending bar, maybe grad school
to an incentive based marketing network

now teaching math to 7th graders

.com was a great experience

3. Heidi Miller, 47

McGeehan, Patrick,

Executive asseses her adventure at a dot-com

NY Times, 9 Nov 00, C1, C4

Highest ranking woman at Citigroup moves to Priceline

"... dot-coms were all golden, and now they're all dirt."

not really
Priceline now is not a growth challenge, it is a workout

she want to learn, not to earn

startups not better for women

another .com--only if she was in control


4. Morals

What is relation of downfall in .com world

to these stories?
Not enough control-- too much to do

Too much work--not enough satisfaction

Bounce back to old job

Are .com's different than old-line companies?

If so, how are they different?

JF leaving Berkeley to come to Irvine

5.  Gender and ethnicity
      See Lecture Five--Win00

Readings for Lecture 18
Traub, James. Online U. NY Times Magazine, 19 Nov 00

Ligos, Melinda. Turning to Online Schools for Advanced Degrees, NY Times, 19 Nov 00, Bu 10