Lecture 19--ICS 131 F00--30 Nov 00

18-On-line University

Distance learning on internet v other forms of DL?

Role of elite schools?

Can you get faculty members to provide course material?

Audiences other than college students?

"The best is the enemy of the good"

Role of J Derrida in this article?

17-People stories

Why are dot-com people unhappy?

Impact of economic problems of dot-coms

Why are women not equally represented in IT?

What can ICS do to recruit and retain more women students?

16-How can Hi-Tech change things?

Web publishing advantages, problems

Why has Stephen King halted his web publishing effort?

How can classroom be impacted? data base, feedback, wireless

How can consumers use wireless, handheld devices?

15--Computer Health and Safety

OSHA rules--four points

Arguments against OSHA rules--current progress, cost

Feldman's ABC's

Computer health and safety program for UCI students?

what should students do?

what should UCI do?

Which university web site on H&S did JF recommend?

14--Computers and elections

Are hi-tech systems for counting ballots

more accurate than hand counting?

Which ballot system is best?

Role of computers in redistricting?

Role of computer in campaign?

In the light of post election information,

is it possible that exit polls in Florida were right?

Letter to editor--support or criticize



Why is interest in conventional telecommuting declining?

Why is interest in the remote work place form

of telecommuting gaining?

Brown and Duguid and telecommuting

Distance learning and telecommuting

12-Software safety

One single factor, cause?

Four contributing factors in Therac-25 case

didn't follow up on first incidents

removal of hardware interlocks

poor software engineering

unrealistic risk assessment

What can government do?

What can schools do?

11-Computers and health care

Why important? life critical, big business

What could be done?

What is hampering effort?

10--Who's not on-line?

What percentage of US adults are on-line?

A significant percentage of those not on-line

don't want to be on-line. Why?

dangerous, expensive, confusing, not missing anything

Impact of age, gender, race, ethnicity, income, rural-urban

Digital divide

9- How do organizations cope with major changes in technology?

What keeps companies from adopting new technologies?

can't do both and keep profits up

threat to people working on core business

cost of developing new technology

What's the BW recommended solution?

Other possibilities? Microsoft solution


8--Electronic commerce--retail

Future of e-tailing

The bricks and clicks model

British grocer success

Multiple channel approaches, e.g., Eddie Bauer

What if a web site has an erroneous price?

What is responsibility of internet auction company

with respect to authenticity of merchandise?

What is Land's End trying to do to overcome

inability to try on clothes?


•poor security allows hackers to get personal info off web sites

•FTC proposed legislation: web sites should provide consumers with notice, choice, access, security

•augmented browsers--good for consumers?

•distributed computing projects

•ICANN--Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers

could you have voted in election of public members


Productivity--productivity gains are widespread geographically,

productivity gains are dominated by gains in IT industry.

Are these conclusions consistent? Looking at different things.

Two views of G4 Cube--

Beautiful, ran all sw I tried

no floppy, no CD-RW, small hard disc



•a day in the life of a wired school

using info from web to write a report

scanning photos

weather satellite data

•counter movement--moratorium on computers in schools

until more research on impact

Brown and Duguid

•computers and web are not going

to eliminate the world as we know it

•best solution is to use them to augment

and improve what we have

•pressures for change in higher education

•but new model not there and doubt it will ever be there

•old model, advantages of, functions of

•possible improvements

4-How is Web used--beyond e-mail!

•finding information, e-commerce, government programs, education

•Amazon's discriminatory pricing, digital signature,

Disney changing policy on children's access

•Can IT trigger downturn in economy?

•Too much hype?

3--History of computing--according to JF

•stand alone, operators/operating systems, multiprogramming,

time-sharing, networks, pc's/workstations, web, appliances

•driving forces--hardware efficiency, people efficiency,

real-time response requirement, bottleneck model, hardware/software developments, military requirements

2-E-mail, ethics and etiquette

how does it differ from other forms of communication?

be careful what you put into e-mail

be careful how you react to e-mail

big brother--echelon, carnivore, following e-mail