Lecture 2--ICS 131--Fall 2000--28 Sep 2000

Review of Lecture One

1. The syllabus

Adds, Drops, Incompletes

Readings and first assignment

Deliverables--term project, quizzes, final

(topic due Wed, 4 Oct)

Three things to beware of

(sexual harassment brochure)

Getting in touch with instructor

make a date for lunch--e-mail/note

What is course all about?

2. List of 131 topics

History of computing

Computing industry

Productivity paradox

Do computers help increase productivity?

Impacts on



Social Relations


Health and Safety




E-Mail Readings

I. "Toward an Ethics and Etiquette

for Electronic Mail"

Shapiro and Anderson, RAND 1985


(Many points covered in lecture.

Take a look at it, don't memorize it.)

2. Weber, Thomas E. Worried your e-mail

may offend the boss? Just check it for

chilis, WSJ, 25 Sep 00, B1

3. Hymowitz, Carol. Flooded with e-mail?

Try screening, sorting, or maybe just

phoning. WSJ, 26 Sep 00, B1

4. Carnivore. Find something on this during

the past month.


I. "Toward an Ethics and Etiquette

for Electronic Mail"

Shapiro and Anderson, RAND 1985

A. Is E-Mail different

than other forms of communication?

1. Some general considerations

Probably not that much different from

real letters and memos

i.e., no visual cues, no interruptions

Clearly different from face-to-face

e.g., JF's bank experience in Jerusalem

Compare to telephone conversation

--can interrupt, tone of voice

2. Speed

How long to make a connection?

Is somebody expecting your message?

Transmission speed

Comparison media

letter mail, telephone, face-to-face

3. Permanence and Privacy

e-mail has appearance of being temporary,

but it is really permanent

"Never say anything in an electronic message

that you wouldn't want

appearing and attributed to you

in tomorrow morning's front-page

headline in the New York Times."


Leonard White--almost 50 years ago, he

advised students who worked in

Washington DC to

conduct private conversations on a

park bench in. LW was a professor of


4. Cost of distribution

Our comparison three:

getting a letter typed, stamp

travel cost

telephone call cost

5. Organization's ability to control the medium

Pretty good on e-mail, especially post-audit

Copies of letters to boss

WSJ column--Tues, 26 Sep(see above)

UC Policy on Electronic Communication

(we will look at this later)

B. Sending

1. Keep messages simple

One subject

Few recipients

Identify yourself

2. Stick to the facts

Label opinions as such

Label emotions as such

3. Assume message will be on "front page..."

Don't insult or criticize

Don't send the message

C. Receiving and Responding

1. Emotions

Flaming--WSJ, Monday, 25 Sep

(see above)

Count to 10

Look again

[have to flame to be heard

nobody to hold you down]


2. Opinions

Separate opinions from facts

so you can respond appropriately

3. Sender, consider the

Assume honest and competent

Maybe don't respond to some things

Courtesy to senders,

e.g., you receive a message

not intended for you

III. E-mail experiences

A. Grinter's talk on Lucent

Distributed organization

24 hour work day


low labor cost

B. JF's experiences

1. Healthcare Facilitator Advisory Board

Get some exchanges in face-to-face

Not much in e-mail

2. Survey of High-Option Annuitants

OP draft

Comments by JF and SM

How communicated to OP?



3. Annuitants comments on bid process

Ask for comments

Bundle them up and ship them off

Did e-mail encourage this strategy?

4. EAP experience

Impact of e-mail on director's discretion

II. Carnivore

FBI program for monitoring e-mail

Installed at ISP sites

Can we trust DOJ and courts to supervise?

Appointment of review group

Tradeoffs between convenience of e-mail

and vulnerability of e-mail

Role of e-mail in

Microsoft case

Washington investigations

What does deleting mean?

File saves

CAI version of Carnivore

Protest of French government


Subscriptions--anybody else

Sexual harassment brochures

Retrieving my newspapers--Irwin Jacobs story

Wednesday office hours--2-3

Call the Roll

Collect Assignment One

Additional reading for first quiz

MS and Supreme Court--Front page articles in

newspapers on Wed, 27 Sep.

Why is MS happy at this decision? two reasons

Napster, Offspring

Tuesday, 26 Sep, LA Times, search on Offspring

Napster is cover story in 2 Oct Time

Pearl Jam releasing 25(?) albums at one time

(several papers)

New U, 25 Sep 00, 1, 5

HP and consulting

Rocks, David. IBM's hottest product isn't a

product, BW, 2 Oct 00 118, 120

Wen Ho Lee, NY Times, Wed, 27 Sep

(won't be on quiz, but you might want to

look at if you are interested in case)

Some other things to look for

How are computers and e-mail being used

in election campaign?

Stock frauds and the internet

Jonathan Lebed and others

many articles in various places