ICS 131--Fall 2000--Lecture Three--3 Oct 00

1. Review of Lecture Two


Ethics and Etiquette

Differences and Similarities between

E-Mail and other forms of communication

Sender--Be careful what you put into e-mail;

You don't know who will be reading it.

Receiver--Be careful how you react to the

mail you receive


Should one person and a significant other share an account?

Be careful about list of addressees on your e-mail


2. Short history of the development of modern computing

Computer Access Software Usage

IBM 650 Hands-on Assembly Programs, program execution

Cards Early PL

IBM 704 Cards O/S, PL Programs, execution, KWIC, RJE

1410/1440 Terminals CAI, PL Programs, teaching, registration


Sigma 7 Terminals CAI, PL primitive net access

DEC 10 Displays


PC's Hands-on application commo as a major activity

Work LAN info access


Major changes: Cost, speed, size, number of users, nature of usage

2.5 How did these changes come about?

A. More efficient use of hardware

Operating systems, multi-programming

B. More efficient use of people

Time-sharing, interactive computing

C. Need for real-time response

Air Traffic Control, Air Defense, Airline reservations

D. Bottleneck model

Let the users in

Supermarkets, Libraries, Gas Stations,

PC's and productivity software

E. Hardware developments

Cost, Size, Density



3. How is Web used? Beyond E-mail

A. Finding Information




Library Catalogs

Publications of organizations

B. E-Commerce


Info on Markets

Buy stocks, bonds, futures, commodities




Books, CD's, PC's, Autos, Real Estate

Toys, Wines, groceries, discounts, auctions


Information, Tickets, Hotel Rooms


Radio, Video, Music, Books, E-books


C. Government programs

Medicare, Social Security


Front page

Legislation--Senate Bill 3939, LTC for federal employees

D. Education

Distance Learning


3.5 In the news, access, etc

A. Pen

B. Wireless Access

C. Amazon's dynamic (discriminatory) pricing

D. Digital signature

4. How big is Web business?

5. Impact on the economy

6. Is it suffering from too much hype?




Mistakes: Circuits not Currents; Course numbers

BW*2--jf's office

NY Times--thursday's--jf's office

Reading-- E-mail including Carnivore

Follow up on pre-test questions

Internet/Web stuff

Save for later


Adds--another mistake--not e-mailing all

Project schedule


3--10 references

4--outline--2 pp

5--problems--1 page

First quiz

Lake, Matt. A Pen That Could Let You Scribble Your Way Across the Internet, NY Times, 28 Sep 00, D12

[web access)

Austen, Ian. Meet the New Web. Same as the Old Web. [With Few Pages (and Users), the Wireless Web Is, for Better and Worse, What the Net Used to Be] NY Times, 28 Sep 00, D1, D8

[web access)

The Next Downturn [Cover Story] BW, 9 Oct 00, 167-184

[just look for 2 reasons why IT might trigger a downturn]

Elstein, Aaron. Defending Right to Post Message: 'CEO is a Dodo",

WSJ, 28 Sep 00, B1, B12

[Save for future reference]

Rewick, Jennifer. Priceline's Stock Plunges on Revenue Warning, WSJ, 28 Sep 00, B6

[just one of several drop in stock price]

Huffstutter, P.J., and Fields, Robin. 'The Dirty Little Secret of the Dot-Com World', LA Times, 1 Oct 00, A1, A32

[Save for future reference]

Goldman, Abigail. Mattel Cuts its Losses by Giving Learning Co Away, LA Times, 30 Sep 00, C1, C3.

[Another case of financial problems in IT business]

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[Save for future reference]

1 Oct 00/jf