ICS 131--Fall 00--Lecture Seven--16 October 00

Review of Lecture Six


Two reviews of Mac G4 Cube

1. Great design, but system needs more than that

2. Great design, good performance with just a few

minor problems

Two articles on productivity

1. Productivity gains widespread across US

2. Most of productivity gains in IT industry

Associated Press. University to require students to take online courses,

LA Times, 16 Oct 00, C11 [www.fdu.edu]


Lecture Seven--Article One

Ballon, Marc. Buy.com security breach puts names, addresses on internet.

LA Times, 14 Oct 00, C1, C8 (R)

"... a security breach in its merchandise return system may have exposed thousands of customers' names, phone number and addressses over the Internet."

" ... no credit card information or other sensitive personal data were compromised."

3 million customers

Other recent incidents:

Eve.com--" ... a breach that allowed peple to view customer orders."

EBay--"... allowed some users to temporarily access personal information, including credit card numbers....

"... no 'best practice' standards for software and other technology that power electronic commerce Web sites."


"Next Thursday, The Times launches Tech Times, a new weekly section devoted to personal technology."

"The Cutting Edge on Thursday will still appear. Starting next week, it will focus on business technology."

Lecture Seven--Article Two

Wolf, Jim. FTC seeks new powers to ensure Web privacy, LA Times,

12 Oct 00, C8 (Reuters)(R)

Federal Trade Commission Chairman, Robert Pitofsky, gave the private sector an A- for recent efforts, but he gave them an overall grade of only C+ for "proteching customers' online privacy.

"... urged Congress to give his agency new powers to ensure compliance with four 'fair information practices':

notice, choice, access, and security."

"FTC-proposed legislation would require Web sites

to provide clear notice of their information practices and

offer consumers choices on how their personal information is used beyond that for which it was provided."

"The FTC also favors offering consumers access to the data a Web site has collected about them, including an opportunity to correct mistakes or delete data. Finally, it would mandate steps to protect the security of data gathered online."

"Self-regulation is essential, but it will be most effective if it's backed by the rule of law...." Pitofsky to House subcommittee


Lecture Seven--Article Three

Guernsey, Lisa. Cutting the web down to size.

NY Times, 12 Oct 00, D1, D11 (R)

Streamline browsing

But--"... new risks to consumers' privacy"

taskbars instead of browsers

windows for weather, traffic

augment browsers

ask for or collect data to get info for you


Lecture Seven--Article Four

Kher, Unmesh, Science by Screensaver, Time, 16 Oct 00, 102

"Inspired by the success of SETA@home, biologists launch a flurry of distributed-computing projects"

another way in and out of your machine


Lecture Seven--Article Five

Stellin , Susan. Internet domain administrator hold its first public election, NY Times, 12 Oct 00, C6

"...Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers,

which administers the Internet's addressing system and

determines policy on issues like

how to resolve disputes over domain names.

"...any Internet user could cast a ballot.

Internet ;users had to be at least 16 years old to vote with a permanent mailing address and e-mail address and had to register with Icann. Voting took place between Oct.1 and 10."

Numbers: 158,000 registered, 34,000 voted

Problems with election

Chapman, Gary. Stirring the 'Dot-Whatever' Pot.

LA Times, 16 Oct 00, C3


Logistics for Lecture 7

Outline (Two pages) due Wednesday

Week Five Schedule (noon on Tuesday) (one on Thursday)

Optional Readings

Greenman, Catherine. E-Mail Gives Students More Choices for Career Advice, NY Times, 12 Oct 00, D9

A chat-room Merlin drops his wand, NY Times,

15 Oct 00, Bu 1, Bu 13

Johnson, George. The Nobels: Dazzled by the digital light.

NY Times, 15 Oct 00, Wk 4

eWeek. www.eweek.com. 18 sep 00. Hack Alert

InfoWorld. www.infoworldcom. 11 sep 00. the privacy problem

InfoWorld. www.infoworldcom. 9 oct 00. e-business innovators

Berry, Kate. One less tax-time headache:

software to download data, NY Times, 16 Oct 00, C2

Schedule of deliverables--lec 6 notes

Key to Quiz One--lec 6 notes

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