Advances in processor and wireless networking technology are generating a new class of distributed, real-time, and embedded (DRE) systems, useful in a range of application domains such as avionics, biomedical devices and telemedicine, remote sensing, space exploration and command and control. Developing applications for such complex DRE systems has grown not only difficult, but also challenging in the need to satisfy performance and reliability constraints while ensuring efficient exploration through a very large architectural design and implementation space. The development process for these systems continue to be manually driven; the design of complex systems is often extremely platform specific along the process, which make the resulting system design inflexible and non-reusable.

The FORGE project is a framework for optimization of distributed embedded systems software, with the goal of overcoming the above mentioned challenges. We integrate the middleware abstraction layer with the hardware/OS abstraction layer and study mechanisms for capturing resources/architectures at these two levels and allowing interactions between the levels.