CS 117: Project in Computer Vision

Fall 2013

Who, Where, When

Instructor: Charless Fowlkes
Lectures: MW 9:30-11pm, ICS 174
Office Hours: M 4-5pm

TA: Hirak Kashyap Office Hours: TBA

Reader: TBA Office Hours: TBA

Lectures/Assignments will be posted here: https://eee.uci.edu/18s/34020


Students will undertake construction of a computer vision system. This year's topic will be automatically building 3D models from photographs.
There is no required text book. One suggested resource is Chapters 2,4,6-7 of Computer Vision: Algorithms and Applications, by Rick Szeliski. A pdf version is freely available here.

Preliminary Syllabus

  • Week 1 : Intro, MATLAB tutorial
  • Week 2 : Cameras, images, 3D transformations, review of linear algebra
  • Week 3 : Triangulation, Calibration
  • Week 4 : Correspondence
  • Week 5 : Dense Stereo
  • Week 6 : Structured Light Scanning
  • Week 7 : Mesh Generation and Alignment
  • Week 8 : Other cues to depth
  • Week 9 : Applications
  • Week 10 : Final Project Presentations

Grading Policies

The grading for this class will be based on homeworks (70%) and final project proposal and writeup (30%)


There will be approximately 4 assignments during the quarter (excluding the final project proposal and writeup). Each is due by 11:59pm on the specified due date. Work turned in late will not be graded so please just hand in whatever you have completed. Assignments should be uploaded to the appropriate EEE Dropbox. 

Extra credit: if you submit an assignment 24 hours early, you will automatically get 5% extra credit on the assignment (e.g. if the assignment is worth 100 points you will get 5 pts extra credit).  

You will be required to use MATLAB for some of your homework problems.

Classroom Policies

You are asked to be respectful of your student colleagues and instructor in class, not being disruptive or otherwise distracting others in the classroom. This includes turning off cell-phones and not using your laptops during class.

Academic Honesty

Academic honesty is taken seriously. For homework problems or programming assignments you are allowed to discuss the problems or assignments verbally with other class members, but under no circumstances can you look at or copy anyone else's written solutions or code relating to homework problems or programming assignments. All problem solutions submitted must be material you have personally written during this quarter. Failure to adhere to this policy can result in a student receiving a failing grade in the class. It is the responsibility of each student to be familiar with UCI's current academic honesty policies. Please take time to look at the ICS Department's policies on academic honesty .