CS 216: Image Understanding

Fall 2012

Project Ideas

A list of fun project ideas from Serge Belongie at UCSD here

Tagging historic photos of UCI campus

Interesting Datasets

LabelMe a large database of over 10,000 annotated images with over 2,000 different object descriptions.

The PASCAL Object Recognition Database Collection

Caltech 101 and 256 labeled pictures of objects belonging to 101/256 object categories.

Image Net contains images of 10,000 object categories organized in a semantic hierarchy.

CMU face databases

MIT databases for faces, pedestrians and cars

GRAZ 02 database of segmentation masks for bikes people and cars

UIUC Image Database for Car Detection

ETH-80 database for object categorization

Wordnet A searchable database of the relationships between different words. Useful for automatically determining what image annotations mean.

Flickr has a large collection of searchable images which can be automatically downloaded

Aerial images of the entire California coastline are available here.

The Computer Vision Homepage contains an extensive list of other databases