Welcome all! Spread the spirit and download the 'Endless Wave' surflet. Put it on your favorite web page; Heck, even put on somebody else's web page. Surf free or die, and try not to hit those damn water pollutants!

For other almost live big was spots:

Finally, Here is a collection of surfing pictures taken over the years at various places. Also, don't forget to visit Almost Live Surfing for that I should've been there yesterday feeling. I just realized I haven't taken a trip in a while; Time for some new pictures...

Ejido Erendira:

Camping with man's best friend:

Puerto Escondido:

P.S. Don't come over here:

Baja Malibu:

My Home Break:

Mainland Jungle Shot:

Termina Campeche, Principia Yucatan:

Monumentos, Los Cabos:

Looking like monster mush:

Also Lighthouse Lefties:

Tres Palmas, not a bad place to be stuck:

Campo Theresa:

Before they paved paraiso:

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