Gerald Bortis, Ph.D.

I completed my doctorate in Software Engineering from the Donald Bren School of Information & Computer Sciences at the University of California, Irvine, where André van der Hoek was my advisor and dissertation committee chair.

I also am a Vice President of Research and Development at NextGen Healthcare and was a founding developer on Mirth Connect, a popular open source health care integration engine. You can contact me


My research is focused on supporting software developers in managing bug reports. More specifically, I am interested the in the process of bug triaging and how it can be improved, especially within the context of large open source projects.

As part of my dissertation I developed PorchLight, a tool for exploring, organizing, and triaging large collections of bug reports. The ultimate goal is to help triagers take on the task of sorting through and assigning bug reports by providing insights through patterns and relationships between bugs.


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