1 For a picture of the grave, see http://alexia.lis.uiuc.edu/~star/irgchome.html.

[2] Mainstream, Western.

3 A list of causes of mortality and morbidity, now administered by the World Health Organization. See Bowker and Star (1991; 1994) for analysis of its evolution and importance for STS.

[4 ]AIDS presents a similar challenge, as a condition, not per se a disease, and equally protean in expression.

[5 A debate which occurs in many arguments about medical classification, see Bowker, Timmermans and Neumann, in prep, about a similar argument in nursing classification about algorithmic vs. natural language approaches.

6 Here we are reminded of the classic work of interactionist sociologist Donald Roy on breaking up boring, routine time on the factory assembly line (Roy, 1959)

7 Roth has an eloquent analysis of how this image has come to be a powerful one in the medical literature; he argues it is in fact statistically quite rare.

8 After the 1847 Dumas novel, ]La belle dame aux camelias[.

9 ]Thanks to Jay Lemke (personal communication) for this useful distinction, which we hope to explore more in future work.[