Research Colleagues of Michael T. Goodrich

Recent Co-authors

Former Postdoctoral Fellows

  1. Giordano Da Lozzo, UC-Irvine, 2016-2017, mentored jointly with David Eppstein. (Now at "Roma Tre" University)
  2. Md. Jawaherul Alam, UC-Irvine, 2015-16. (Now at Amazon)
  3. Maarten Loffler, UC-Irvine, 2010-2011, mentored jointly with David Eppstein. (Now at Utrecht University)
  4. Martin Nollenburg, UC-Irvine, 2010, mentored jointly with David Eppstein. (Now at TU Wien)
  5. Amitabha Bagchi, UC-Irvine, 2002-2004. (Now at IIT-Dehli)
  6. Amitabh Chaudhary, UC-Irvine, 2002-2004. (Now at U. Chicago)
  7. Pawel Gajer, Johns Hopkins, 2000. (Now at Univ. of Maryland)
  8. Gill Barequet, Johns Hopkins, 1996-98. (Now at Technion)
  9. Timothy Chan, Johns Hopkins, 1996. (Now at Univ. of Illinois)

Former PhD Students

  1. Nil Mamano, UC-Irvine, 2019, co-advised with David Eppstein.
  2. Juan Besa, UC-Irvine, 2019, now at Fetch.AI.
  3. Siddharth Gupta, UC-Irvine, 2018, co-advised with David Eppstein, now at Ben-Gurion University.
  4. Timothy Johnson, UC-Irvine, 2018, now at Microsoft.
  5. William E. Devanny, UC-Irvine, 2017, co-advised with David Eppstein, now a Pomona College.
  6. Joseph A. Simons, UC-Irvine, 2014, now at Google.
  7. Pawel Pszona, UC-Irvine, 2014, now at Zalando SE.
  8. Lowell Trott, UC-Irvine, 2013, now at Google.
  9. Darren Strash, UC-Irvine, 2011, now at Hamilton College.
  10. Nodari Sitchinava, UC-Irvine, 2009, now at University of Hawaii.
  11. "Jeremy" Yu Meng, UC-Irvine, 2006, now at Microsoft.
  12. "Jonathan" Zheng Sun, UC-Irvine, 2006, now at Univ. of Southern Mississippi.
  13. Breno de Medeiros, co-advised with Giuseppe Ateniese. Johns Hopkins, 2004, now at Google.
  14. Amitabha Bagchi, Johns Hopkins, 2002, now at IIT-Dehli.
  15. Amitabh Chaudhary, co-advised with Alex Szalay. Johns Hopkins, 2002, now at U. Chicago.
  16. Stephen Kobourov, Johns Hopkins, 2000, now at Univ. of Arizona.
  17. Christian A. Duncan, Johns Hopkins, 1999, now at Quinnipiac University.
  18. Christopher Wagner, co-advised with Lenore Cowen. Johns Hopkins, 1999, now at U.S. Department of Defense.
  19. Mark Orletsky, Johns Hopkins, 1996.
  20. Kumar Ramaiyer, Johns Hopkins, 1996, now at Oracle.
  21. Paul Tanenbaum, Johns Hopkins, 1995, now at Army Research Lab.
  22. Mujtaba Ghouse, Johns Hopkins, 1993, now at Oracle.

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