In this assignment you will learn how to hide your words and files, in the form of packets, from those prying eyes and ears of Eve. To do this you will be using pretty good privacy (PGP) to encrypt and sign email correspondences with your instructor or grader, using the email address you were given by them.

As discussed in the textbook, Introduction to Computer Security, encryption is the process of securing communication and doing so involves just a few easy steps.


The first step is to determine the operating system (OS) that you will be using. Once you've completed that difficult task, it's on to using Thunderbird to encrypt your emails. You can of course use other clients to encrypt your mail, in which case, you may ignore the steps described below. The steps below assume that you are using Thunderbird.


Thunderbird will allow you (with a bit of tinkering) to "securely" send emails, through the use of an encryption algorithm, to your friend "Bob." For this assignment, your instructor or grader will be the recipient, of course.

Gpg4win Components

Sending Encrypted/Signed Emails

Now that you've followed these instructions, it's time to let your instructor or grader know that you are capable of sending encrypted messages. Of course, this process should be done from your email account for which the public key is published.

This page is derived from an assignment by Chris Bronk at Rice University.