CS 161 - Algorithms Homework 7, 25 Points
Due: Monday, March 10, 2014

  1. Problem C-8.1 from Goodrich-Tamassia.
  2. Problem R-13.3 from Goodrich-Tamassia.
  3. Define SUBGRAPH-ISOMORPHISM as the problem that takes a graph, G, and another graph, H, and determines if H is isomoprhic to a subgraph of G. That is, the problem is to determine whether there is a one-to-one mapping, f, of the vertices in H to a subset of the vertices in G such that, if (v,w) is an edge in H, then ( f(v), f(w)) is an edge in G. Show that SUBGRAPH-ISOMORPHISM is NP-complete.
  4. Problem C-13.8 from Goodrich-Tamassia.
  5. Problem C-13.12 from Goodrich-Tamassia.