ICS 160E / EECS 114 - Algorithms Assignments

Spring, 2005


  1. Group work on written homeworks is permitted, but each student must list his or her collaborators in writing for each problem. If a student turns in a solution without listing the others who helped produce this solution, this act will be considered cheating (for it is plagarism).
  2. Programming projects must be 100% individual efforts. Submitted code will be subjected to a rigorous similarity checking system at UC-Berkeley, known as MOSS, and non-negligible similarities between different student submissions will be considered as cheating for both students (so don't even show your code to other students). In addition to the procedures of the ICS Cheating Policy, students caught cheating on programming projects will have a letter placed in their permanent record at UCI and, at a minimum, receive a score of zero points on the work in question.


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