ICS 160E / EECS 114 - Programming Project 1, 50 Points
Due: Friday, April 15, 2005, at 7pm, using the Checkmate Submission System.

Postfix notation is an unambiguous way of writing an arithmetic expression without parentheses. It is defined so that if

exp1 op exp2
is a normal fully-parenthesized expression whose operation is op, then the postfix version of this is
pexp1 pexp2 op
where pexp1 is the postfix version of exp1 and pexp2 is the postfix version of exp2. The postfix version of a single number is just that number. So, for example, the postfix version of
5 2 + 8 3 - * 4 ^
Write a Java program that evaluates an expression that is input in postfix notation. Your program should support numbers input as integers or (floating point) doubles, and it should support the following operators: Note: you may use the following classes in your program: You may not use any built-in program for exponentiation by an integer, however. You must write the code for this operator yourself, using the fast exponentiation algorithm given in class. You should read expressions from System.in and output to System.out.