Farzad Habibi

Farzad Habibi

Ph.D. Student

2059 DBH, UCI, Irvine, USA, CA 92697
Persian, English




My name is Farzad Habibi. I'm a first-year Ph.D. student studying Computer Science at the University of California, Irvine. Previously, I studied a B.Sc. in Computer Engineering at the University of Tehran and worked for 9 month as a full-time software engineer at Radin Bourse where we were developing an ultra-low latency trading platform. My interests are mainly in Distributed Systems and Data Management, and I also love programming. :)



  • Computer Science, Doctorate of Philosophy, University of California, Irvine

    Jan, 2022 - Present

    Distributed Systems

    Data Management

  • Computer Engineering, Bachelor of Science, University of Tehran

    Sep, 2016 - Apr, 2021

    Software Engineering

  • Physics and Mathematics, Diploma, Sampad, Helli 4

    Sep, 2011 - Sep, 2016

Work Experience

Work Experience

  • Graduate Research AssistantUC Irvine, Edge Lab

    Jan, 2022 - Present

    Doing research on building data infrastructure for distributed systems under supervison of Prof. Faisal Nawab.

  • Software EngineerRadin Bourse

    Feb, 2021 - Nov, 20219 months

    Building a brand-new matching engine core for Iran's national stock

  • Undergraduate Research Assistant, University of Tehran

    Mar, 2020 - Mar, 20211 year

    Working on virtual network embedding (VNE) which is a well-known problem in network virtualization. I started to learn about Graph Neural Networks which is a novel machine learning architecture by reading abundance number of related papers. We leveraged this method to solve the VNE problem.

  • Machine Learning Intern, University of Tehran Science and Technology Park

    Jul, 2019 - Oct, 20193 months

    I was part of the machine learning group. During this 320 hours internship, interns started to read the Hands-on Machine Learning book and participate in Kaggle competitions besides. My internship’s notebooks can be found here.

    • PAD Laboratory

    • Under the supervision of Prof. B. Bahrak

  • Software Engineer InternRahnema College

    Jun, 2018 - Sep, 20183 months

    • 8-Week internship with scrum methodology

    • We designed and implemented an IOS/Andriod application with a feature combination of Instagram & Pinterest

    • Developed in React Native as front-end and django as back-end



  • Accelerating Virtual Network Embedding with Graph Neural Networks , IEEE/ACM/IFIP Conference on Network and Service Management (CNSM 2020)

    Published on: Sep 01, 2020

    virtual network embedding (VNE) is a well-known problem in network virtualization. We leveraged Graph Neural Networks which is a novel machine learning architecture for graphs to solve this problem with a better performance and scalability.



  • CS Department Dean’s Fellowship , UC Irvine

    Awarded on: Sep 01, 2021

    I have been nominated for a one-time 10,000$ Dean's Award to support my research in 2021/2022

  • Best Undergraudate Final Project Award , University of Tehran

    Awarded on: Mar 01, 2021

  • Top 10% of Class , University of Tehran

    Awarded on: Mar 01, 2021

    Ranked among the top 10% of the graduating class which included 88 student

  • Iran's University Entrance Exam , Sanjesh

    Awarded on: Aug 01, 2016

    Ranked 325 (Top 0.2%) in Konkur(Iranian University Entrance Exam) among more than 160,000 participants



  • Personal

    CookingCampingTravellingHikingVideo GamesVolley Ball
  • Music

    Alternative RockProgressive RockIndieFree Jazz
Volunteer Work

Volunteer Work

  • Teaching Assistant, University of Tehran

    Sep, 2018 - Feb, 2021

    • Introduction to Programming and Computing Systems. H. Moradi, M.R. Hashemi (Projects' Supervisor)

    • Advanced Programming, R. Khosravi (Head Teaching Assistant)

    • Operating Systems, M. Kargahi

    • Computer Networks, A. Khonsari

    • Data Structure, H. Faili

    • Cyber-Physical Systems, M. Kargahi

    • Computer Architecture, S. Safari

    • Internet Engineering, E. Khamespanah

  • ML Instructor, IEEE UT Student Branch

    Dec, 2019 - Feb, 2020

    IEEE Data Science Winter School of Machine Learning

  • Editor, ACM UT Student Branch, F1 Magazine

    Feb, 2016 - May, 2016

    F1 is the magazine of University of Tehran’s Computer Engineering Department



  • Programming



  • Programming





  • Programming



  • Programming

    Shell Script



  • Technologies




  • Machine Learning





    Jupyter Notebook



  • Frameworks




    Familiar with Kubernetes

  • Web Development


    React Native




  • Markup Languages





  • Software Engineering

    oo design patterns



    software testing methodologies

  • Operating Systems





Projects Experience

Projects Experience

  • Peter DB

    A full implementation of a database system consists of Paged File Manager, Record Based File Manager, Relation Manager, Index Manage, and QueryEngine.

  • Virtual Network Routing

    Represents a distance-vector network routing protocol among virtual nodes that are connected via interfaces.

  • Key-Value Store + Gossip membership protocol

    A full implementation of a distributed key-value store inspired by the Cassandra key- value database using a three-layer architecture.

  • House Prices: Advanced Regression Techniques

    Using advanced regression techniques like random forest and gradient boosting to predict house prices. (Rank 213 between 5,523 teams in Kaggle)

  • Fraud Detection

    Using a full exploratory data analysis (EDA), feature engineering and comparing different training models to propose a method to detect frauds in the IEEE-CIS dataset.

  • Gnutella Implementation

    A full implementation of a peer-to-peer file-sharing system implemented in python and mininet.

  • P. OS

    A cloned xv6 kernel with some added features for CPU scheduling, memory management, and synchronization.

  • TCP Over UDP

    An implementation of TCP New Reno over UDP, with reliable data transfer, congestion control, and flow control. Also this im- plementation includes the Nagle algorithm.

  • Proxy Server

    An implementation of a proxy server in application layer with some extra features like accounting, privacy, caching, etc.

  • Cyber Physical Systems Course's Projects

    A series of projects to become familiar with embedded hardware and real-time software

  • Real-Time Robotic Arm

    A real-time robotic arm with recording functionality and high optimization in storage usage.

  • MIPS

    Implementation of MIPS CPU using VerilogHDL. It includes three phases: single-cycle, single-cycle with pipeline, and multi-cycle.

  • SmoolaCompiler

    Implementation of a compiler for an object-oriented language called Smoola from scratch - Implemented in Java in four phase.

  • Titanic Classification

    An analysis on Titanic disaster to find out what sorts of people were likely to survive using Machine Learning.

  • Joboonja

    Implementation of a web application for finding projects to do if you are qualified for them. - Implemented in Java(Spring framework) for backend and JavaScript(React js) for frontend.

  • Store Search

    Filtering files content and sorting them ascend/descend by field using multiprocess and using pipes to connecting them

  • Intelligent PacMan

    Using different searching algorithms (Astar, IDS, BFS) to design an intelligent PacMan in a modified version of the game.