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I am a PhD student in Informatics at University of California Irvine. Currently, I study driver introductions to and interactions with advanced driver assistance systems and automated vehicles. Although my research is focused on drivers and users of automated vehicles, I am broadly interested in studying how users learn to use technology, what implicit communication methods are utilized when interacting with technology, and how these might be explored to design interactive systems that support user understanding of how to use the systems.

As a PhD student, most of my time is spent reading, writing, re-reading, summarizing, editing, and grading. When I'm not doing the above, I practice yoga, cook, cross-stitch, hike, and travel as much as I can.

Extracurricular Projects

In addition to my research and hobbies, I like to find projects that develop a skillset through creating something. Here are some examples of past projects.

Sunrise Alarm

Sunrise Alarm

Skills: Arduino, Basic Construction, Hardware and Software Integration

This art piece also simulates a sunrise to slowly wake up the user instead of jolting awake through sound. A custom shadow box houses an array of 289 individually addressable RGB LEDs, an ESP8266, and a power source. I programmed the sunrise and three additional simulations using Neopixel and FastLED libraries. The alarm works with Blynk, allowing a smartphone to turn the alarm on or off, set the time that the sunrise should begin and what time it should turn off, and select one of three optional animations to play when the alarm is inactive.

Exhibit Design

Exhibit Design

Skills: SketchUp, Exhibit Design, Proposal Writing, Community Engagement

The exhibit was requested by the New Berlin Heritige Center, a small museum within the New Berlin Public Library. The librarians requested an exhibit that would educate patrons on a facet of local history of New Berlin. After researching the history of New Berlin, I proposed an exhibit that discussed the impact of train activity on the town, which had previously had a major trainstop just on the outskirts of the modern town. The final exhibit met criteria established in the proposal while staying within the modest budget of $150.

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