11th IEEE International Conference on Global Software Engineering

Orange County, California - USA
August 2-5, 2016

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PARIS: Methods and Tools for Project/Architecture/Risk Management in Globally Distributed Software Development Projects (Half Day, August 2)


The goal of this workshop is to provide a forum for researchers and professionals interested in global software development to discuss and exchange ideas. In particular, this workshop takes the perspective of the practitioner and focuses on the techniques that will help software professionals to meet the unique challenges in a global development environment. Thus, the major goal of this workshop is to discuss novel methodologies for risk management for global software development. Additionally, we want to provide a platform bringing together researches and practitioners in order to share their knowledge and requirements in the field of offshore software development. Finally, we are particularly pleased to invite you to this edition that marks the 10th consecutive instance of the PARIS workshop at ICGSE.


Juho Mäkiö, University of Applied Sciences Emden-Leer, Germany

Josiane Kroll, Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

GSE-Ed'16: Inaugural Workshop on Global Software Engineering Education(Full Day, August 2)


This workshop deals with contemporary issues in Computer Science and Software Engineering Education. Universities preparing students for the workplace are recognising the need to provide courses that reflect some of the challenges of distributed development. This workshop will present research that facilitates course leaders embarking on GSE-Ed. The main goals of the workshop are to establish a research community in this field and identify new directions for future research and education. Accompanying the workshop will be a call for an ACM Transactions on Computing Education special issue on Global Software Engineering Education, to be co-edited by Sarah Beecham and Tony Clear.


Sarah Beecham, The Irish Software Research Centre, University of Limerick, Ireland

Tony Clear, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand