11th IEEE International Conference on Global Software Engineering

Orange County, California - USA
August 2-5, 2016

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Steering Committee

Ebert, Christof Vector Consulting Services GmbH, Germany Ali Babar, Muhammed IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark Al-Ani, Ban ADP, USA 2015 PC Co-Chair
Avritzer, Alberto Sonatype, United States Cai, Yuanfang Drexel University, USA 2014 PC Co-Chair*
Lanubile, Filippo University of Bari, Italy Fernandez, Jude Infosys, India 2014 PC Co-Chair*
Mani, V.S. Siemens, India Gerosa, Marco Aurélio University of São Paulo, Brazil 2016 PC Co-Chair
Marczak, Sabrina PUCRS, Brazil Hildenbrand, Tobias SAP SE, Germany 2016 PC Co-Chair
Prikladnicki, Rafael PUCRS, Brazil Nordio, Martin ETH, Switzerland 2015 PC Co-Chair
Richardson, Ita Lero, Ireland Peng, Xin Fudan University, China 2014 General Chair*
Redmiles, David University of California, Irvine, USA 2016 General Chair
Vizcaino, Aurora Univ. of Castilla La Mancha, Spain 2015 General Chair
* 2014 people rotate off after the 2016 conference.