CompSci 143A Principles of Operating Systems


Course Description  

Principles and concepts operating systems, including processes, threads, scheduling, synchronization, memory management, file systems, and I/O systems are covered.


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Announcements in Class 

Usually, if there is an announcement, it will be made at the beginning of a class.

It is your responsibility to come to class on time and not to miss any announcement.


Lecture Notes

The corresponding set of slides will be available on the web at the beginning of the week. 

The slides that are presented in the class are subject to change until the class time.


Grading (subject to change)

1 midterm, 1 final exam, 1 programming assignment, and four written homework assignments. 

Midterm: 30 points

Homeworks: 30 points (6 points each, including programming assignment)

Final: 40 points

No incompletes will be given.



If it is not covered in class, it will not be tested on exams.

If there is an exception, it will be announced in class.

In exams, use pen, not pencil, if you want to claim grading errors.


Policy on Missed Exams

For the midterm and final, you must have a pressing reason (such as a conflicting exam) to miss a scheduled mid-term or final exam. 

Make up exams may be taken, if you have notified the professor at least two weeks prior to the original exam that you will not be able to attend. 

If you miss an exam due to unforeseen emergency, you may take a make-up exam only after providing written documentation of an excuse that is acceptable to the professor.


Reference Material

Textbook: Operating System Concepts, A. Silberschatz, P.B. Galvin and G. Gagne, Ninth Edition (any edition of this book beyond the Fifth edition will suffice).

Other recommended book: Operating Systems: Principles and Practice, T. Anderson and M. Dahlin, Second edition.

Other recommended book: Modern Operating Systems, A.S. Tanenbaum, third edition.

Other recommended book: Principles of Operating Systems, L.F. Bic and A.C. Shaw, 2003.

There might also be some readings (technical papers). The instructors will announce in class when and where the readings will be available.


Help Line

General questions or questions about assignments, which might be of interest to many should first be posted to the (course newsgroup link coming soon!). There you will get the best/quickest response for questions and other matters which can be handled by the instructors, the teaching assistants or your peers.

We (instructors and TAs) are here to HELP you. Come to see us, and ask us questions!