University Studies 3

Spring 2008

Quantum Computation


Prof. Sandy Irani
Bren Hall 4042

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Meeting Place and Time

Bren Hall 3032, Friday 11:00AM-11:50AM

Topics and readings:

Dates Topic Reading
April 4 Introduction -
April 11 Quantum Computation Basics:
Qubits and Measurement
The Quantum Computer
An Introduction by Jacob West
Quantum Computing for High School Students
by Scott Aaronson
April 18 Quantum Computation Basics:
Gates and Circuits
Rules for a Complex Quantum World
by Michael A Nielsen
Scientific American, Nov 2002 v.287, i.5 1nov02
April 25 Quantum Computation Basics:
Entanglement, Superdense Coding
May 2 Quantum Teleportation Physicists Teleport Quantum Bits Over Long Distance
By John Roach for National Geographic News
Beam Me Up Scotty?
A Q&A about Quantum Teleportation with H. Jeff Kimble

May 9 Factoring "Shor, I'll Do It"
Enrty from Shtetl-Optimized
the blog of Scott Aaronson
May 16 Quantum Cryptography Quantum Cryptograph:
Privacy Through Uncertainty

by Salvatore Vittorio
Election fix?
Switzerland Tests Quantum Cryptography

by Larry Greenemeier, Scientific American, October 19, 2007
May 23 Limits of Quantum Computation The Limits of Quantum Computers
by Scott Aaronson
Scientific American, February 18, 2008
May 30 Physical Realizations Quantum Computing With Molecules
by Neil Gershenfeld and Isaac L. Chuang
Scientific American, June 1998
June 6 Quantum Computation in the Real World? D-Wave Systems News
A Giant Leap Forward in Computing? Maybe Not
New York Times, April 8, 2007