CS 264
Quantum Computation
Spring 2012


Sandy Irani
4042 Bren Hall

Class Times and Place

MW 2:00PM-3:20PM
ICS 180
No class: April 23

Course Overview

This course will provide an introduction to the field of quantum computation. Below is a list of some of the topics that will be covered:


No formal course requirements. Students with a strong background in either computer science, mathematics, physics or chemstry are welcome to attend.

Course Requirements

Problem sets will be given every two weeks. Students may elect to do a project in lieu of the last problem set. This could be a paper (original work or survey paper) or a presentation in class.

Reading list

There is no required text for the course. The following is a list of books and course notes that may be useful. At the beginning of each lecture, I will point to recommended references for the material to be presented.

Lecture Topics

Week Topic Slides Homework
Week 1 Quantum Mechanics Postulates, Qubits, Linear Algebra Overview Slides last updated 4/2/12 1:15PM Homework 1
Week 2 Tensor Products
Quantum Teleportation
Quantum Complexity Classes
- -
Week 3 Deutsch-Jozsa-Simons
- Homework 2
Week 4 Reducing Factoring to Order Finding - -
Week 5 Quantum Factoring Algorithm
Grover Search
Phase Estimation
- Homework 3
Week 6 Approximate Counting
Unstructured Search Lower Bound
- -
Week 7 Quantum Simulation
- -
Week 8 Introduction to Quantum Error Correction
Introduction to Classical Codes
Properties of Quantum Codes
- Homework 4
Week 9 Stabilizer Codes
- -
Week 10 Stabilizer Codes, Cont.
- Homework 5