University Studies 3
Winter 2015
Quantum Computation


Prof. Sandy Irani
Bren Hall 4042

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Meeting Place and Time

Bren Hall 1423, Monay 1:00PM-:50PM

Requirements and grading

There will be two assignments for this course. The first is a problem set on the elementary principles of quantum computation. Collaboration on the problem set is encouraged, but you need to list who you worked with on the problems. The second assignment of an article relation quantum computation from the web or a magazine. Each assignment will count 15% towards your grade. The remaining 70% is based on participation and attendance. You must attend at least 7 out of the 8 classes to receive full credit for participation.

Topics and readings:

Dates Topic Homework
Jan 5 Introduction - - -
Jan 12 Quantum Computation Basics:
Qubits and Measurement
- Quantum Computers Animated Video
by John Preskill and Spiros Michalakis
The Quantum Computer
an Introduction by Jacob West
One Qubit
Jan 28
DBH 3013
Quantum Computation Basics:
Gates and Circuits
- Rules for a Complex Quantum World
by Michael A Nielsen
Scientific American, Nov 2002 v.287, i.5 1nov02
Two Qubits
Feb 4 or 6
DBH 3013
Quantum Teleportation - Physicists Teleport Quantum Bits Over Long Distance
By John Roach for National Geographic News
Beam Me Up Scotty?
A Q&A about Quantum Teleportation with H. Jeff Kimble

Quantum Teleportation
Feb 9 Factoring Problem Set "Shor, I'll Do It"
Enrty from Shtetl-Optimized
the blog of Scott Aaronson
Feb 23 Quantum Cryptography Article Summary Quantum Cryptograph:
Privacy Through Uncertainty

by Salvatore Vittorio
Election fix?
Switzerland Tests Quantum Cryptography

by Larry Greenemeier, Scientific American, October 19, 2007
March 2 Limits of Quantum Computation Problem Set due
Article selection due
The Limits of Quantum Computers
by Scott Aaronson
Scientific American, February 18, 2008
Mar 9 Quantum Computation in the Real World? Article summary due The Revolutionary Quantum Computer That May Not Be Quantum at All
(Wired Magazine, May 20, 2014)
TED Talk: Quantum Computing Update