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Getting the Most Out of Your Integrated Product Development Teams:
Lessons Learned & A CMM For All Disciplines

Friday, April 30, 1999

9:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon
McDonnell Douglas Auditorium
University of California, Irvine

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Speakers: Kerinia Cusick, Director & Ilene Minnich, Director, SECAT LLC,

This presentation focuses on two views of getting the most out of your integrated product development teams. The first examines a collection of lessons learned by eight development organizations who successfully implemented their integrated product development teams. A series of people from a variety of companies were interviewed as part of the development process for the Integrated Product Development Capability Maturity Model (IPD-CMM), during which we gathered information on what they believed to be the important aspects of Integrated Product Development, and what they had learned in the process. This presentation is a summary of the key points gathered from those interviews, as well as a collection of the primary characteristics that we believe distinguish good Integrated Product Development.

The second view of getting the most out of your integrated product development teams examines the use of a Capability Maturity Model that they can use to focus and guide their improvement activities. Honeywell Space Systems Operations in cooperation with SECAT LLC developed a "generic Capability Maturity Model" -- called the IPDP CMM-- that includes only project and organizational management issues, and as such was designed to be applicable to all disciplines. The first assessment against the model was done in 1998 with 8 disciplines participating, and a follow-up assessment was performed in early 1999 focusing on the weaker areas identified the previous year. A rating profile was developed for each discipline, and both generic and specific strengths and weaknesses were identified. A few lessons learned were identified during the assessment, but generally all of the teams found the results applicable and helpful.

Biographies: Kerinia Cusick, a co-founder of SECAT LLC, is one of the authors of the Industrial Collaboration Systems Engineering Capability Maturity Model (SE-CMM), and the Integrated Product Development Capability Maturity Model (IPD-CMM). She is a very experienced SE-CMM teacher, assessor, and process improvement expert. Kerinia started her career at Grumman Aerospace working on digital flight control systems for experimental and fighter aircraft. At Hughes, Kerinia transferred to systems engineering, working projects ranging from commercial communication satellites to Space Defense Initiative conceptual design studies. Kerinia holds a M.S. in Systems Management from University of Southern California, and a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Drexel University.

Ilene Minnich, a SECAT LLC founding partner, is an experienced Capability Maturity Model (CMM) author, assessor and trainer. She participated as an author during the development of the SE-CMM and the Assessment Method and as a steering group member for the development of the Integrated Product Development CMM. She has also served as a key reviewer for the Systems Security Engineering CMM, the Electronics Industry Association's Systems Engineering Capability Model, and the Software Engineering Institute's CMM Integration project. Ilene has written and presented papers in both the U.S. and internationally, on several topics pertaining to lessons learned using the SE-CMM and using the SE-CMM for process improvement. In her previous position at Hughes Aircraft Company, Ilene was responsible for the deployment of the SE-CMM and the conduct of SE-CMM assessments at all of the systems engineering organizations within Hughes Aircraft Company. She also has experience in the design and development of both commercial and government products at Hughes Aircraft Company and IBM. Ilene holds a B.S. in Computing Science from Lehigh University and an M.S. in Computer Engineering from the University of Southern California.

Coordinator: George O'Mary, The Boeing Company, george.w.o'

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