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Successes in Achieving High SEI Maturity Levels

* Friday, March 26, 1999 *

9:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon
McDonnell Douglas Auditorium
University of California, Irvine

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Boeing Software Process Navigator - Capability Maturity Model Level 5 Enabler
Linda A. Abelson, Software Process Improvement Specialist,
                                  The Boeing Company,

Peter G. Puchalski, SEPG Member, The Boeing Company,

Boeing Military Aircraft and Missiles / Phantom Works (A&M/PW) Software Process Navigator (SPN) is an internally developed intranet tool. It is one of the key aspects of A&M/PW Software Engineering Process Group's software process instantiation. The SPN allows for virtual co-location, promotes process and product visibility, is a good mechanism for process coordination and communication, and provides dynamic on-line training. The SPN supports on-line audits and was an enabling factor in Boeing North American Aircraft's achievement of the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) Capability Maturity Model's highest software process maturity level: Level 5. It contributed to the significant culture change necessary in higher SEI rated organizations by providing access to metric and process based information throughout the organization, minimizing information hiding. This presentation will describe an overview of the SPN followed by an on-line demonstration.

Biographies: Ms. Abelson has spent 15 years in the aerospace industry; for the past six years Ms. Abelson has been involved in software process improvement. Ms. Abelson developed and implemented a software development process which incorporates an advanced metrics program capable of supporting the optimizing level of the CMM for software. Ms. Abelson is well versed in process technology transition and has been involved in numerous software process improvement initiatives throughout The Boeing Company. Mr. Puchalski is a member of the Software Engineering Process Group at Boeing Military Aircraft and Missiles / Phantom Works (A&M/PW). He participated in all of the Boeing North American Aircraft SEI's CMM assessments, being a Level 5 Assessment Team member. He is responsible for administration of the A&M/PW web based Software Process Navigator, which was a key aspect to the attainment of the Level 5 rating. His 12 year experience in the aerospace industry include Human Factors - Controls and Display work, Process Definition and Improvement, and Training.

A Customer Quality Focused Approach for Achieving SEI Level 4 (The Managed Level)
Leitha Purcell, Project Manager, Software Process Improvement Inititative,
                            Northrop Grumman Corporation,

When the Military Aircraft Systems Division (MASD) of Northrop Grumman Corporation embarked on its Level 4 journey early in 1996, a considerable amount of time and energy was spent developing a clear understanding of what Level 4 meant to an organization like MASD: a defense contractor building medium to large systems. A number of questions needed to be answered, among them:

This presentation describes what was done and what was learned as MASD achieved Level 4 for two flagship projects in December 1997 and Level 4 for the division in October 1998. A cornerstone of the approach is the mapping of selected quality attributes to specific quality metrics, baselining those quality metrics and then setting quality goals. Along the way, process performance is measured and baselined, setting the stage for improved process capability.

Biography: Leitha has over 20 years of systems engineering and software engineering experience. She has been involved in process improvement for over ten years, working with projects, divisions and the corporation, implementing CMM-based process improvement programs. An SEI-authorized lead assessor, she has participated in over 20 SEI based assessments. Leitha's career includes assignments in systems analysis, software implementation and project management. She has a Masters and Bachelors in Mathematics from the University of California, Irvine.

Coordinator: Karen Chan, Principal Engineer/Scientist, Information
Space and Defense Systems, The Boeing Company ,

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Next Meeting:

Date: Friday, April 30, 1999
Topic: Getting the Most Out of Your Integrated Product Development Teams:
            Lessons Learned and A CMM For All Disciplines
Speakers: Ilene Minnich and Kerinia Cusick, SECAT LLC
Coordinator: George W. O'Mary, The Boeing Company, george.w.o'

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