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Software Process Improvement Network (SPIN)

Introduction to UML for
Object Oriented Software Development

Friday, May 28, 1999

9:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon
McDonnell Douglas Auditorium
University of California, Irvine

There is a $15.00 charge for non-sponsors.
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No reservations required.

Featured Speaker: Ed Colbert, President, Absolute Software Company, Inc.,

The Unified Modeling Language (UML) was developed by Rational Software Corporation as an integration of Booch, OMT (Rumbaugh et al.), and OOSE (Jacobson) notations. UML was adopted as the Object Management Group's (OMG) standard notation for representing systems, including software and business systems.

UML provides notations to describe the component (class and object) structure of a system, the behavior of system components (using use-case, communication sequence and state diagrams), and the deployment of software components. UML also provides a formal specification language, which can be used to describe constraints, and an activity diagram, which can be used to describe processes.

This presentation will describe UML using examples and outline its use in object-oriented software development.

Biography: Ed Colbert has taught and consulted on Ada, object-oriented methods, and software engineering since 1982. He created the Colbert Object-Oriented Software Development method (OOSD), which supports languages such as Ada, C++, and SmallTalk. NASA Langley Research Center recently used OOSD for a Software Engineering Process Guide, available on the Web at Ed is currently consulting on applying UML to projects with TRW and others. Ed is the chair of the ACM SIGAda Patterns Working Group. He has delivered presentations and tutorials at OOPSLA, Object Expo, LOOK, OOP, SCOOP, Tri-Ada and Ada UK. He is a graduate of the University of Michigan (M.S. Computer and Communications Sciences and BS Honors in Chemistry and Biology).

Coordinator: A. Winsor Brown, USC/CSE,

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Coordinator: A. Winsor Brown, University of Southern California,

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