Southern California
Software Process Improvement Network (SPIN)

December 1999

The Southern California SPIN is now being sponsored by California State University, Long Beach. Please bookmark the new Southern California SPIN web page.

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October 1999

The Southern California SPIN is seeking a new sponsor/host. Details are available here.

The Southern California SPIN is a community of software practitioners and researchers that gathers monthly to investigate and discuss topics of interest in the area of Software Process.

Mission Statement

The Southern California SPIN is a leadership forum for the free and open exchange of software process improvement experiences and practical ideas. We promote achieving higher levels of process maturity, software quality and mutual respect. Our goal is to enhance skills and support technology transition through an active program of networking, publications, recognition of excellence, and mutual support.

SPIN Meetings

SPIN meetings are held on the UC Irvine campus from 9:00 am to 12 noon on the last Friday of every month (except holidays) and have an average attendance of 60.

Each meeting addresses a specific topic; previous topics have included process definition, the Capability Maturity Model, software process technology, metrics, software testing, risk management, and ISO 9000. A typical meeting format consists of presentations by practitioners and experts on a topic followed by discussion.

Special formats, such as interactive workshops and "group thinks" have generated high interest and enhanced the learning experience. The Southern California SPIN experimented with a very unique format: a dramatic reading (or reader's theatre). The Case of the Killer Robot, based on a series of articles by Richard Epstein, was dramatized for the SPIN and received rave reviews.

SPIN attendees find community building and networking invaluable added benefits.

Meeting Flyers

Flyers providing details on the meeting topic as well as logistical information are circulated approximately two weeks prior to the meeting.

Meeting flyers are also available on the IRUS schedule of events.

IRUS Mailing Lists

To receive flyers directly, you can be added to the IRUS electronic or postal mailing lists.

SPIN Steering Committee

SPIN meetings are planned and organized by the SPIN Steering Committee, which meets monthly immediately after the SPIN meetings. The SPIN Steering Committee consists of volunteers who meet immediately after the SPIN meeting to choose meeting topics, plan future meetings, discuss areas of concern, and provide strategic direction.

The Steering Committee has developed a SPIN Charter which includes various roles to be fulfilled by the committee members. An Election Procedure defines the nomination and voting procedure.

The Steering Committee has also developed a Meeting Coordinator's Responsibilities and Timetable and set of Speaker Guidelines to assist the meeting coordinators and speakers.


To mark it's fifth anniversay, the Southern California SPIN was pleased to sponsor a two-day regional Conference on Software Process Improvement (CoSPI), with Practice and Experience as its theme, in January, 1997. CoSPI featured a Keynote presentation by Terry Snyder, Hughes Aircraft Company, a plenary presentation by Watts Humphrey, SEI, 10 contributed presentations, informal Birds-of-a-feather meetings, and a reception on the first day. The second day featured 4 tutorials.

The SPIN has fostered various activities including provision of email communications, and interaction and coordination with the Los Angeles SPIN and the Software Engineering Institute (SEI).

The Southern California SPIN was pleased to co-sponsored the 5th SEPG National Meeting (the predecessor to the annual SEPG Conference) with the SEI.

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