Reyhaneh Jabbarvand

University of California, Irvine

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Current Research


I'm a member of Software Engineering and Analysis Laboratory (SEAL) and I'm involved in the following projects:

  • Lead: A Search-Based Energy Testing Framework for Android (Website)-(Paper)

  • Collaboration: Test Transfer Across Mobile Apps Through Semantic Mapping (Website)-(Paper)

  • Collaboration: A Temporal Permission Analysis and Enforcement Framework for Android (Website)-(Paper)

  • Collaboration: Nemo: Multi-Criteria Test-Suite Minimization with Integer Nonlinear Programming (Website)-(Paper)

  • Collaboration: Permission-Aware GUI Testing of Android (Website)-(Paper)

  • Lead: Energy-Aware Mutation Testing Framework for Android (Website)-(Paper)

  • Lead: Energy-Aware Test Suite Management of Android Apps (Website)-(Paper)

  • Lead: Ranking and Labeling Android Apps Based on Energy Consumption (Website)-(Paper)

  • Collaboration: Synthesis and Enforcement of Security Policies for Android (Paper)

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