ICS 23 Spring 2012
Enrollment Information

Fundamental Data Structures
Norman Jacobson, Instructor

It takes many different resources to teach ICS 23, including instructors, teaching assistants, classroom seats and computers. The limitation on enrollment this quarter is the capacity of the lecture hall. As of this writing, the class has plenty of room.

We discuss below how to get in to ICS 23, stay in, make changes, and get out; follow the directions here to minimize your hassles.

To add the course

Even while waiting to add the course, you should participate in it. Assignment dates for new adds are the same as for other students, so if you do not keep up with the work, you will be at a serious disadvantage. Come to lecture; take a seat. Go to the ICS 23 Help Center so you can work on your lab assignments where help from the TA is available.

Regular UCI Students

Through Friday of week 3, if you are a regularly enrolled UCI student (that is, not an Access student), to add this course, simply add yourself to the wait list for it via WebReg. The registration system will add you into the course when there is an opening, and will send you email (to your UCInetID) to let you know you have been added.

If you are on the waitlist and decide you do not want to be added, do remove yourself from it.

For more information about how course wait lists work, see the Registrar's Waitlist Option web page.

If you want to add the course after Friday of week 3, you use the on-line Enrollment Exceptions system to request to add the course. The instructor, the Dean of the school of your major and the Dean of the Bren School (if different) all must approve the request for it to be granted. Email the instructor that you have filed a petition: The enrollment petition system currently does not notify the instructor when you file a petition, even when the instructor’s permission is required!

For information on accessing the Enrollment Exceptions system and other details, visit the Enrollment Exceptions Web page.

ACCESS Students

Access students can also add the course through Friday of week 3; see the instructor with your Access enrollment form in hand. (You cannot add the class via WebReg.) Access students will be added, space permitting, after all regularly-enrolled UCI students.

To drop the course

Through Friday of Week 2, just go to WebReg to drop the course.

If you wish to drop the course after Friday of Week 2, use the Enrollment Exceptions system to request a drop; the Deans of the Bren School and of your major must approve it. Not doing well in a course is not an accepted reason for droppping it after Friday of Week 2, and your request will likely be denied.

To change your grading status

...to pass/not pass or back again: Through Friday of Week 2, just go to WebReg and make the change. After Friday of Week 2, use the Enrollment Exceptions system to request the change; Deans, not the instructor, decide whether to grant the request.

To change your lab section

There's no need: You can attend the Help Center any time it is open, so just go when you can. You do need to be registered in a lab section, but it does not matter which one.

To learn more about enrollment procedures

See the Undergraduate student FAQ web page for more information about ICS’ add, drop and change policies.