A Note on Course Grade Computation

About ICS 23 Course Grades

for Spring 2012

After looking over the distribution of scores, and thinking about the difficulty of the assignments and exams, I decided to lower the cut-off points between grades by 4 points from the base-line ones published in the Course Reference.

Refer to the posted spreadsheet for the number of students who received each grade.

The scores on the course spreadsheet are in order of the last four digits of the student ID number (Last 4 Digits). Next are the scores for your labs and their total, weighted by the fraction of the total lab grade each lab was worth. Note that scores above 4 count as a kind of extra credit — 4 points is considered 100% of the possible points for a lab. Then come two columns that help in calculating your adjusted lab score, followed by that adjusted score. For details on how this is computed, see the Course Reference; if you are curious how your grader ranked, see the TA chart off to the right of main grade sheet.

Next is your midterm and final exam scores. Then appears the course total; it was computed out of 100 points, weighted to the values we published in the Course Reference.

Your letter grade appears next; if you are taking the class P/NP, the Registrar will change your grade to P or NP as appropriate. Sometimes, instead of a grade, you'll see the notation "NR"--Grade Not Recorded--because there are pending issues that must be resolved before a grade can be given; if you see an "NR" grade for yourself and have not yet contacted me, do so!

Do check over your scores; if you find any which are incorrect because of a clerical or procedural error and that would change your final grade, contact me by email (my schedule during sumemer tends to be erratic). Note the only reasons for which I can change a grade are if a procedural or clerical error occurred#151;UCI rules.

The posted spreadsheet also shows some statistics on the course and coursework that might interest you; these stats are at the bottom of the main speadsheet and also to the right of the main sheet.

I will hold onto your midterm and final exam Scantron sheets into the first couple of weeks of next quarter, in case you have questions.

My best wishes an enjoyable break!