A Note on Course Grade Computation

About ICS 80F Course Grades

for Spring 2008

First off, you all did real well. The class as a whole did fine work and significantly participated "in the proceedings."

Each row of the grading sheet is one student's scores and grade calculation. First comes the last 4 digits of the ID number, then the scores for the reports (R) and their associated presentations (P); each is scored out of 3 points. Then comes the report and presentation part of the course total: 15% for each report, 10% for each presentation, for a total of 75 points--so this column is out of 75; next to it is the percentage of report/presentation points earned.

Every one started off with 40 participation points out of 60 possible (3 points for each lecture we meet - 19 meetings plus the final (there was one holiday)). This is 2 out of 3 points for each lecture, the score for satisfactory participation. In other words, you get a 'satisfactory' in participation just for showing up.

You will likely recall me making marks on a spreadsheet during our meetings. Among other things, I was recording those who were absent (can't participate if you are not present), late in arriving or early in departing (can't participate fully if not present fully), and those who made a positive contribution to the discussion (their comments or questions were insightful or provided good information, or otherwise "helped out the learning of the group"). For each positive contribution, 1 point was added to the base of 40; for each unexcused absence, 2 points were removed; for lateness or early departure (again only if unexcused), 1 point was removed. Total of adjustment points to participation is in column O; participation point total out of 25 is in column P, as participation is 25% of the c course grade; the percentage of participation points earned is in column Q.

Your total course points, that is, report/presentation points plus participation points, is in column R. And the course grade is in column S, determined according to the criteria laid out in the Course Reference.

Do check over your scores. If you find an error you think would change your course grade, do email me; we'll check it out.

Thanks for a great class; enjoy the summer!